LifeBioLabs is a global company involved in the development and distribution of cutting edge health and anti ageing products. The founders have over 30 years experience in stem cell research and health and life science product development. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, LifeBioLabs is able to provide the health conscience consumer with high-end targeted products that deliver on their claims, in the field of health, symptom relief and age reversal.


The LifeBioLabs product portfolio and development pipeline encompasses regenerative medicines, stem cell technologies and revolutionary cosmetic formulations.

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Our mission is to “crack natures code” in the therapeutic areas in which we specialise – age reversal, menopause, repair, recovery and stem cell activation. Our unique, highly specialised formulas, including DEPLACELL Cellular Age Reversal Formula and ELIXCELL Menopause Relief Formula, bring you youth and vitality on the outside and the inside.